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How to Be Wise in Your Choice of a Plastic Surgeon
























It is said that plastic surgery can be elective or restorative. But whether you choose or you have to undergo this procedure, you have to make sure that the plastic surgeon you hire is the best there is. That's the only way you can get the physical results you desire. Some of the aspects that you have to consider in getting the right plastic surgeon are qualifications, experience, and also the right certifications in the field.


Any surgeon even without specializing in plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery can perform a plastic surgery procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a high profit medical field and this is why there are many surgeons who operate cosmetic surgery clinics even without having the right professional qualifications. Thus it is even more crucial now to check on the qualifications of the cosmetic surgeon to make sure that you are safe.


You have to know if the plastic surgeon is a graduate of a medical school that is highly recognized. He or she should also have a degree in plastic surgery and not only general surgery. It is different when you employ the services of a licensed plastic surgeon because it means that he has undergone hands-on training on the field, has finished a residency program, and undergone specialized training in plastic surgery. There are those who specialize in reconstructive plastic surgery specifically and exclusively; these are the highly qualified surgeons. To learn more facts about plastic surgeons, you can visit


There are minimum requirements you can find in any plastic surgeon. If you aim for a much better one, you may check with the American Board of Plastic Surgery in which they can become ASPS member surgeons. An ASPS member surgeon had finished six years of training and professional training in a training institution and added more to it are three years of professional experience. The members of this organization are expected to abide by the professional standards and ethics of plastic surgery. When you find a plastic surgeon like Dr jhonny salomon who is a member of the organization means that you get someone who is constantly checked by others in the field and you can be sure that they are updated with the latest practices and procedures when it comes to plastic surgery.


Ask for the professional background of the surgeon you want to hire. You have to make sure that they are experienced in cosmetic surgery and not merely in general surgery. You can ask previous patients and other surgeons about the reputation of the plastic surgeon like dr jhonny A salomon you have in mind.